Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor/35mm Still Photographer:
               Janette Marie
Music Composer/Narration Sessions:                 Hans Parent
Associate Research Producer:                Dani Gomez
First AD:    Lynette Washington
Second AD:           Yvonne Meyers
Production Assistant:                Kurtis Viktor
Production Assistant:          Rebekah Meyers
Production Assistant:                  Ryan Klein
Production Assistant:          Matthew Maggio
Production Assistant:                  Jim Warren
Website Development:                 H.A. Snyder


Robert Alcala – “Myrtle McKee’s Escapees”
Essence Brown – “Help People Help Themselves”
Lisa Burke – “Patient Murders One”
Jude Evans – “1950s Pamphlet”
David Kabbe – “Here Stood A Man”
Andy Kastler – “Patient Murders One”
John Patrick Kelly – “Old Mrs. Smiths” / “All Dressed Up”
Merrique Marie-Sainte – “Archie Greer”
Jaime Moss – “They Blew Whistles”
Carly Erin O’Neil – “She Came Home”
Jim Pollock – “Fifth Biennial Report 1904”
Ted Wulfers – Dr. George Zeller  :  “Rhoda’s Nurses” / “Chirp of the Chicks” / “Not Be Presumed-Incurable Insane” / “Not Superstitious”