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This independent production is still passionately open to any help/advice offered to bring this documentary to more libraries and schools around the country.

The Eleventh Biennial Report in 1890 recorded, “We trust the bitter cry of the counties for the humane treatment of this most helpless and pitiable class of sufferers will reach the ear and touch the heart.”

.  .  .

This documentary hopes to not only tell the story of the Peoria State Hospital but to raise
awareness and help save the face, The Bowen Building.

If you cannot donate to the cause of the film, please be so kind as to RAISE AWARENESS.
Help save this place that was the home of so many unloved and forgotten people.

UPDATE — Autumn 2017:
Efforts were made to help the nonprofit foundation, Save the Bowen, Inc. with saving the face of the Peoria State Hospital but proved unsuccessful. The demolition of the building began in early 2017 and the limestone blocks were sold.
However, I am still pushing the film for its many educational purposes.
If interested in adding this documentary to your library/school or using it with your curriculum, please be in touch through the CONTACT page.